Privacy Policy for the Recruitment Process

This privacy policy is prepared to inform data subjects about the way we treat personal information of job applicants and participants in the recruitment process (“You”)




The controller of personal data is EGT Digital Ltd., UIC 205689811, (“the Company”, “We”), with registered office and address of management: Sofia, p.k. 1766, Vitosha district, 6 Panorama Sofia Str., Richhill Business Center, block “A”


The contacts of our Data Protection Officer are:


Personal Data Protection Officer: Att. Desislava Dimitrova-Cholakova

Email: [email protected]




The company may process some or all of the following categories of personal data of persons involved in the recruitment procedure, namely:

Data with which we can identify you

Names; date of birth

Contact details

Current or permanent address; email; phone

Information about your education and qualifications

Curriculum vitae/CV; cover letter; information contained in documents certifying completed education, professional qualification, legal capacity and additional specializations; information about the languages ​​you speak and their fluency levels; information about your skills and qualifications (computer skills, technical skills, additional qualifications, certificates and courses)

Information about your professional experience

Previous work experience (including information about the name of your employer, place of work, position); and information about the nature and scope of work performed at previous employers

Data that became known to us in the course of interviews and tests conducted with you

In the recruitment process, incl. information about requested/offered remuneration

Other included information in your application at your discretion

incl. information for recommendations; marital status, military service, photos; other data that you have included in your application at your discretion.

Other information provided with your explicit consent

We may also process special categories of data, with your explicit consent.


Information collected and prepared by recruitment agencies

Such information may also be collected by recruitment agencies, when EGT Digital has assigned them to conduct individual stages or the entire selection of staff (including data from reports prepared by the agencies, recommendations, etc.)



The grounds for processing the personal data described above, regardless of whether you have applied for a specific position or for all future positions opened with us, you have given your consent in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 and the local data protection legislation. It is possible that when we receive your data from the Recruitment Agency, we may process your data on the basis of a legitimate interest.



The purposes of data processing in the recruitment process are the following:

  • finding suitable candidates to work with the Company;
  • expansion and increase of the activity and capacity of the Company;
  • carrying out recruitment of employees with whom to conclude employment contracts.




The retention period of the collected data during the recruitment is 6 months from the end of the recruitment process for a specific position, for all unapproved candidates, if you have applied only for a specific position, and 1 year from the moment of the application, when you have provided consent for all open positions in the Company.




The Company ensures to the job applicants all rights provided in the local and European legislation, namely:

  • upon request to receive all the necessary information related to the processing of the data provided by you, incl. if possible, a copy;
  • upon request to receive all the necessary information related to the processing of the data provided by you, incl. if possible, a copy;
  • to request from the Company access, correction or deletion of personal data or restriction of the processing of personal data, when there are legal grounds for that;
  • to object to the processing, as well as to file a complaint to the Data Protection Commission in Bulgaria in case of illegal data processing;
  • to withdraw your consent at any time without any negative consequences for you;


All requests related to personal data such as: information, access, deletion, withdrawal of consent, etc. described above, shall be formed in writing, signed by you and submitted for processing to the Company at the e-mail address: [email protected] or at the seat of business of the Company. The request must contain information about your full names and in case the request is about specific personal data – they must be specified, providing information on the exercised right. With a consent to processing data in a digital form on our website, you may withdraw the same here. It is possible for the Company to provide optional applications for the exercise of the different rights as well as additional information may be required to identify and/or clarify the request.


The company responds to the requests of the entities within 30 days, implements them if there are grounds for doing so, or makes a reasoned refusal, if there are reasons, indicating the right of the entities to follow up with the supervisory authorities.


Requests will be considered excessive due to their repeatability and will be charged (only to cover processing costs) if they relate to static data that is not subject to change within the time period between requests.

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