Responsible Gaming

We want our clients to be entertained but more than everything else we want them to be safe.


Therefore, we take Responsible Gaming very seriously and believe that it is our responsibility to provide the operators with all the needed tools to ensure a safe and secure environment for worldwide players.


We guarantee that all our products are fully compliant with the gambling laws and meet the requirements set out by the regulating authorities. You can check our Responsible Gambling Policy for more details.


Environmental Consciousness

At EGT Digital, we believe that caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Here, we are striving to improve our environmental practices and to reduce the impact of climate change.


  • Our office is situated in a green and environmentally responsible building, aimed at resource efficiency.
  • We are recycling the trash and use mostly natural light.
  • We provide changing rooms with bathrooms to encourage cycling to work.
  • There are AC charging stations for electric vehicles to encourage their usage.
  • There are green walls and roofs to limit the impact of climate change and reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Diversity & Inclusion

At EGT Digital, we want our people to bring their self. We value all the different cultures, backgrounds, and expertise. We are welcoming and celebrating all the diverse opinions and perspectives. Because being the real version of you is what we cherish the most. And creating a fair and inclusive culture is one of our top priorities.


Improving the quality of life in the community

  • Our activity-based office with conference rooms, casual areas, and a Relax zone greatly improves the work performance and productivity.
  • The terrace with an impressive view of Vitosha Mountain is our favorite spot whenever we need a little breakout or inspiration.
  • Thanks to our distant location from the big city, we breathe cleaner air that additionally helps our well-being and gives us more energy.
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