Artificial Intelligence’s influence on the online casino industry

Integrating intelligence into machines and systems is something that hugely influences the iGaming industry. Far from the scary artificial intelligence that is portrayed negatively in many movies, AI found its way to help our lives in a lot of different sectors. The fastest-moving and rapidly growing iGaming industry is one of them. And in the next few rows, you will find some useful advice about the advantages of artificial intelligence. 

Here is how AI can be used in many beneficial ways:

• Track and react

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the problematic behavior of the players can be monitored and detected earlier. The suspicious players are easy to be caught and then reported to the casino operators. Also, AI analyzes the time spent by the player and the sum of money wagered. This way, the casino identifies its elite players, targets its customers, and earns profits. 

• AI’s role in customer service

The customer service provided by AI is not to be underestimated, as well. The modern agents can give the needed answers to the players. They will no longer “just give an answer” which is not logical at all, but the live chat options can help for real concerns and questions. The industry expects to use this technology more and more in the coming years, and we are sure that it will improve the customer support systems.

• Virtual reality

Although it is still being developed, Virtual reality technology became a big thing in the past few years. Using VR technology, online casinos’ players will no longer miss the feeling of walking into a casino or interacting with the dealer and the casino environment. The technology can take the players to outer space or Ancient Egypt, depending on the game they play. And this will create the unique player experience that everyone is looking for. 

The constant searching for a better gaming experience led us to virtual reality, and its breakthrough in the online gambling industry will help in keeping the  players more engaged than ever.

• Data collection

Analyzing the customers’ behavior and making suggestions about which games to play and how to customize them, is an essential part of the AI’s impact. As you probably know, the data is really valuable, especially for the online casinos which always want to offer better deals. The AI collects the needed information for the players and uses it to offer a personalized gaming experience. The gambling operators use the data to engage the customers and to maximize their profit, and at the same time, the players are enjoying their customized gaming experience and generous offers. So, it is a great example of a win-win situation for both the casino and the players.

To summarize:

Artificial intelligence is promising a bright future for the iGaming industry with the opportunities that it provides. Thanks to the technology, the industry is becoming even more attractive to the players, who are constantly looking for fresh new content, and product development. And if you want it to continue that way, you need to offer them the newest trends and the most exciting player experience.

5 reasons why the good payment solution matters

As customers, all we want when we are paying is to do it easy and simple. The flexibility, freedom, and the variety of choices are only part of the important things when we are talking about payments. 

To use payment methods that you already know and like, is the biggest advantage that one company can offer you. EGT Digital knows that, and this is the reason why we are trying to provide the easiest payment methods with the most reliable security.

The good payment solution always matters, especially in the iGaming industry, where there is a large volume of transactions each minute. And here are 5 reasons why:

Security & Fraud solutions 

Don’t forget that the nature of the iGaming attracts scammers. Unfortunately, millions of hackers steal credit cards or take accounts.

This is why you should look for a payment processor that offers you trusted security. As we said, fraudulent activity is common in the online gaming world, and this can cause you damages. So, the best way to protect your players and your company is to use a secured payment gateway that provides you fraud solutions. The good payment providers offer screening features that help cut down on identity theft. 

Fast and accurate 

In the evolving iGaming industry, one of the most important things is to offer an exclusive gaming experience without any interruptions. This can happen only if you have a good payment provider that can offer you a fast and accurate payment solution. The trouble-free experience is a must if you want to keep your players, so that’s why the good payment provider matters

Covering the local payments needs

Especially if you offer your services internationally, you need to accept payments in multiple currencies in order to keep your players. That’s why you need a reliable partner who will provide you with the needed features. But the multi-currencies acceptance is not enough if you aim to grow rapidly. As you know, the different countries and regions have their own payment preferences. For example, in Europe, the players mostly prefer to use debit and credit cards. In other parts of the world, they use digital wallets or PayPal. And if you can not offer this variety of choices to your players, there is a big chance to lose them. 

Receiving money instantly

In the iGaming industry, deposits and withdrawals are a critical point and if you delay the withdrawal winnings for too long, this can be the main reason for the gamers to move to another platform right away. The attractive services in the iGaming industry are a must nowadays. This is why free access to money with an instant pay-out opportunity is the key to your players’ satisfaction. 

Positive customer ratings and retention

Customer engagement depends on your company and the features you offer to your players. Gaming experience without interrupting is a key factor that can keep your customers engaged. So, if you want to win your player’s trust, then try by offering them the best possible checkouts, options for saving their payment information, and of course, responsive design of your website or platform.

All that can happen by choosing a reliable partner for the payment solutions of your company.

The gamblers’ FAQ about the slot machines

Loved by many, criticized by some, they are undeniably part of the gaming industry. The slot machines are the favourite entertainment of a lot of players, but very few of them know the interesting history that stands behind them.

Part of every casino (land-based or online), the slot games have generated billions and keep doing it for more than a century. Loud and bright-coloured, they bring the players the desired exclusive experience. 

Here are the questions that all the gamblers have been wondering through the years. And you are lucky because you will find the answers in the following rows.

• When was the first slot machine invented?

The first poker gambling machine was invented by Sittman and Pitt in 1891.

Even if the slot machines look like a modern invention for you, because of their innovative design, lights, and colors, now you know that they are not. Of course, the very first slot machine has nothing with the ones we see today. It included a 52-card deck and the players would have to place their nickel in the machine. They were paid out based on the poker hand that the machine produced. 

• How the slot machines changed?

The invention of the machine that more closely resembles what we know today was when Charles Fey invented the first slot machine with automatic payout in 1895. It was called Liberty Bell.

He incorporated a three-dum system that had 5 symbols instead of the 52-card deck, and this made it much easier to standardize the payouts. Hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and liberty bells. 

In 1907, there was the first fruit machine with the BAR symbol invented by Herbert Mills. Then, in 1964, Bally invented the first electromechanical slot. And the first video slot invented by Fortune Coin Co. was in 1976. 

• When were the fruit symbols first invented?

Even the people who don’t play slot games know the colorful appealing fruits on the reel of the slot machines. The well-known and favourite of a lot of people, fruit symbols, originate from Herbert Mills, who created the machine named Operator Bell. And this set the beginning of the symbol of the fruit in casino games. The appealing cherries, melons, oranges, apples, and bar symbols were giving the player peace of gum, which had the taste of the particular fruit that displayed a row. 

The thing that we still see the fruit reels can say a lot about human perception and the evolution of the games. That shows how strong one icon can be and how it can break through all the innovations and still have its presence in the industry.

• Is there a strategy or trick to win the slot games?

The truth is that it is all a matter of chance, and there are no strategies because everything in the slot games is just mathematics. There is nothing you can do to change the result. Even if you have seen that different websites promise the players workable strategies, or tricks, and strategies. There is no sure way to win slot games because the results generated are random and independent. The slot machines use a Random Number Generator or RNG. So, if someone is telling you that he is an expert or has a winning strategy, he is wrong.

The only thing that can help you in winning slot games is your own luck and of course – your bank account.

• Is the RTP different in the land-based and online slots?

The theoretical payout percentage of a slot called RTP or Return To Player is calculated over all the games that are played over the years. The RTP is set based on many factors, including the software, the operator, the jurisdiction, and the game, itself. 

The land-based machines are limited in space, so logically – they have to make more money. And this is the reason why the percentage of the online slots is typically higher than the land-based slot machines. Needless to say that the land-based machines also need a lot more maintenance and development than the online slots.

Online casinos can have thousands of machines available for play at any time, and this is why they can afford to offer games with a higher RTP.


The slot machines are an essential casino game for the last half-century, and it doesn’t seem to change any sooner. However, there will always be people that think you can not win a lot of money by playing slots, but history remembers good winning stories for millions paid out exactly by slot machines. 

How to choose an iGaming platform that best suits your needs?

If you are planning to start an iGaming business, you are on the right path, and luckily, you’ve found the right article for you. In the next rows, we will be talking about the things you have to consider when choosing a software provider.

The iGaming industry is rapidly growing, and the market is extremely competitive right now. So, the truth is that it will be challenging for you to enter the iGaming industry and to take a leading role in it. There are a lot of new operators who are entering the arena every day, so to succeed – you need to have better management and a winning strategy.

Is there a winning strategy for the successful online gaming business?

In fact, a sure way to succeed in this battlefield, called the iGaming industry, is to have a reliable software provider as your partner. The players’ expectations nowadays are very high. The market is highly competitive. And if you don’t have the right weapon, there is no chance for your business. 

The key to triumph is the high-quality software and the functionalities, which you can offer to your players. You will agree with us that the high-class experience ensures the customer’s engagement, right? So, in order to accomplish your aims, you need to find the right iGaming software provider. But why does it matter? Keep reading to find out.

In the first place, the iGaming business needs reliable security. And in order to have it, you need to find a trustworthy provider. It will also provide you with full control over the whole process, gaming and betting solutions, and a secured payment system. The good iGaming software provider should supply tools, services, and key features, which are necessary when starting a new business in the iGaming industry. And here is how they look like:

• Robust and flexible platform 

The core of your business and the place where you will store all your user data. The platform will be the basis of your operations.

• A wide range of high-quality games

Even if you developed the best platform, if it doesn’t offer a huge variety of popular games – there is no chance to succeed. The platform provider should supply a Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slot games, etc. to ensure the high-quality customer journey and your players’ engagement. When choosing an iGaming software provider, always look for a wide variety of gaming and betting solutions

• Players’ attraction and relationship with the customers

Which is the best way to attract your players? To offer them bonuses, jackpots, and prizes, of course! Your iGaming platform provider should think about the players’ engagement and the exceeding of their expectations. 

• Anti-fraud and risk management tools 

As you know, in every industry where there is money, there is a chance for fraud and cheating. And especially abusers and gaming go hand in hand. So, to avoid this – you should protect your gaming business from this kind of activity. Here is why your iGaming provider should supply you with a risk management system and tools. 

• Multicurrency and multilingual support

24/7 support. Multichannel. Multilingual support. Different payment methods. All that is necessary when you want to keep your customers. Flexibility and freedom are a must for each aspect of the iGaming business. 


In conclusion, we can add that when you choose your iGaming software provider, you need to make sure that all these 5 steps are available. 

The all-in-one solution is the perfect way to start your online gaming business, so find the most trusted provider that can supply you with it. And this decision will be determinant for the future success of your business.